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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Life Is All About Celebrations

Isn't it? We seem to trudge through the day-to-day of our "regular" lives, going to work, paying bills, making week night dinners, doing laundry, etc. with little excitement and the only thing that keeps us going sometimes is looking forward to the next big get-together/pig-out with friends and family. Make it a lovely, sunny day in April and a crowd of 20 women packed into a tuna-can sized house where someone will be opening presents and you have instant fun. Here are some of the highlight's of my sister, Tabbi's, weekend wedding shower.

Is there a more glorious sight in all the world than this? A room filled to the brim with fluffy, shiny, sparkly presents!

Guests with barely room to wiggle their elbows, still having a jolly time is always a good sign.

We feasted on lots of healthy things...

...and unhealthy things too. It's all about balance, I say.

Aren't I the bestest sister in the world? I think I deserve an award. I should have stolen her hair flower at some point, at least, to honor myself (me on the left).

To prove I'm not completely selfish, I'm going to share this word scramble game that I personally, scrambled in the first place (not fun), in case any of you are planning a shower of your own soon. I gave my guests 8 minutes and the winner got 16 out of 20. You may want to go a little longer or shorter depending on how generous you feel at the time:

Wedding Word Scramble

1. wfoerl rlgi _____________________ _____________________

2. yrerpa _____________________

3. grin arbere _____________________ _____________________

4. ekca ptorpe _____________________ _____________________

5. isesoalnporc _____________________

6. dalbcenara _____________________

7. tanivtinoi _____________________

8. edaimsrbid _____________________

9. tinirsem _____________________

10. quobetu _____________________

11. nargomosm _____________________

12. pecritnoe _____________________

13. adlirb harmc _____________________ _____________________

14. rafvo _____________________

15. dindewg owsv _____________________ _____________________

16. nislece _____________________

17. gortporapheh _____________________

18. hotbeclatl _____________________

19. axhenceg sirgn ____________________ ____________________

20. aorgces _____________________

(1. flower girl 2. prayer 3. ring bearer 4. cake topper 5. processional 6. candelabra 7. invitation 8. bridesmaid 9. minister 10. bouquet 11. groomsman 12. reception 13. bridal march 14. favor 15. wedding vows 16. license 17. photographer 18. tablecloth 19. exchange rings 20. corsage)

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