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Monday, April 20, 2009

Coffee Love: Who Doesn't?

I'm thinking about getting an over-sized wall mural made of this print, to put in my kitchen with the hope that it will give me a jolt of energy every time I walk by. If you are a non-morning person like me, then you probably understand the comforting feeling that settles over you when you A) take a big whiff from the coffee grinds jar and B) hear the coffee pot start bubbling on it's way to bring you salvation. Still, all the "reasons" in the world to drink coffee can't compare with the fact that it is just plain delicious! Staring at this print, thinking of what to say next, I can practically smell the glorious scents washing over me, each offering just a hint of the promised taste it advertises.

As an artist, I have often found myself staring, mesmerized, into my cup for several seconds, watching the swirl patterns created as I stir (and am always thankful that no one else is around to witness my neurosis). I finally, just had to put my fascination to good use and design a piece that would remind me of one of my very favorite things every time I looked at it.

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