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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Why I Love Digital Art

I run into all sorts of interesting responses when I tell people that I specialize in "digital art", ranging from "What's that?" to "Oh, so the computer does all the work for you." I much prefer the former, because it gives me a chance to open someone's eyes to the wonderful world of graphic design as an art form. The latter response I usually just try to ignore, because anyone that will look down their nose at your craft without actually understanding anything about it, is usually so caught up in their own little world that they really only want to hear themselves talk. I'm not going to launch into a long schpeel about how intensive and detail- oriented digital art is, because it really doesn't matter (although I do have to point out, that it takes more skill than simply point-and-click, as is a wide mis-conception). But, since I do find myself so drawn to it, and am fascinated and inspired by many other talented digital artists, I wanted to take a moment (as much for myself as for others) to sing it's praises. I really have no idea what kind of a list I'll end up with, but usually the best way to figure yourself out is to start writing down all the thoughts in your head, so here goes:

• You don't have to clean up a bunch of messy paint after each session of "creating" and it doesn't smell funny. You can also wear your nice clothes, if you want to.
• The simplest sketch, can be turned into "art" with a little skill in tracing and an eye for color.
• Simple is good. Less is more. If you can evoke the proper response with a clean-cut image on a white background, there is nothing more that needs to be added.
• It is forgiving. If you don't like the way that line curves, or you want to move that object over there (or delete it altogether), you may do so to your hearts desire.
• It can be modified. Have a dream in the middle of the night for a whole new "look" for your original idea? No problem. Just save a new file and get started (the old one will still be there, if you decided to go back to your Plan A after all).
• Half the "fun" is in creating and putting together a collection of shapes, object, lines and colors that by themselves had no meaning until you came along and gave them new life.
• How many different ways are there to design an orange? Let's find out.
• Layers. Layers. Layers.
• Color. Color. Color.
• How many "stories" can be told with just one picture?
• The blending of reality and imagery - it is imagination brought to life.
• Sometimes all you want is a really cool pattern.
• Words can be art. Visual poetry.
• It's easily reproduced - bringing art to people all over the world, as efficiently as possible.
• The possibilities are endless.

Well, I think that about covers it for me. In the end, you just have to "feel it". Art is personal, and there are many different tastes and styles. I've chosen to embrace digital and I hope that many others will come to enjoy and appreciate it as the art form it is. It sure makes me happy.


Livy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I got into photoshop around the same time I started Etsy and blogging last summer. It is been so fun - I went from having no idea how to use it, to not being able to put it down. Although, alot of the components in my designs start out as ink drawings and watercolor I kind of have a jumbled process of tradition and technology.

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Digital art is just as complex as hand art. You truly are an artist...I love your cards-so bright and fun!

Rebecca said...

Great post ...I like your colors on this happy bird piece. I am a digital artist and I find that the process of educating my clients about our process is an on-going adventure. I often think that they imagine some magical keyboard that we sit at and punch magic buttons ...and then boom in 2 seconds flat a work of art is created. If only it was so easy. I do like seeing your list of why you like digital, I may have to create my own. I have bookmarked your blog.

Krissy said...

I love this post!