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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Happy Day in Spring

Continuing with the Spring theme . . . I just polished off this little girl (it's definitely a girl) at approximately 4am this morning. The tree was part of an old graphic I had done for my website a while back and it's been kind of sitting in the back of my mind for a while, poking at me now and then to do something with it. So I sat down last night, intending only to "play" with it a bit. 4 hours, several cups of coffee and wasted test-prints later, I was done. But that's the glory of being in the "zone", when you have an idea you really like you just have to run with it. I think what I like about this one, other than it's cheerful cuteness, is that I have finally conquered my fear of "simplicity" with this design. I tend to want to add more all the time, I guess to prove to myself and possibly others that I am a "real" artist. But, you know, sometimes you just don't need it to tell the story.


Lisa said...

I SOOOOO love this print! It makes me happy! Especially now that my husband just told me it is snowing. Again.

Bring on the happy pink springy trees!

Alaiyna B. Designs said...

Your work is gorgeous - I am so impressed!

lindsey said...

this is beautiful! i'm very drawn to trees and leaves right now for some reason, and these are such deliciously springtimey colors :)

Christy DeKoning said...

Knowing "when to stop" is probably one of the biggest problems artists face. This is perfect. Well done!

XUE said...

how pretty your work are! I have a tree right outside my window that looks like this a couple of weeks ago. It had pink plum blossoms that rained down, one windy day & now only little green leves are showing.

ShinyAdornments said...

I love when artists not only describe their work, but the path to achieving it as well.

Gorgeous print.

Muffy's Mom said...

Your work is lovely, you are so talented.

Annie Howes said...

This print is beautiful and happy. It just makes me smile :o)


Bhavna said...

I love your art and prints! They are so happy :-)

Specially this one...spring all over :)