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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Thrifting Scores - April 2014

Spent a pleasant, sunny day yesterday hitting up garage sales in 3 different cities with my junking pal. By mid-afternoon, we were tired and a little discouraged as we hadn't found much to get excited over. But onward we marched and after grabbing a drive-thru chai tea latte I was re-charged enough to continue the hunt. At our very LAST stop (an open-air flea market), 5 minutes before closing time, I scored these two 24" long wooden planters and the 24" wide metal tub for just $16 from a vendor who simply didn't want to load it back into his truck for the drive home. Talk about a score!!! Can't wait to fill the wooden boxes up with flowers and I'm thinking about doing a miniature herb garden in the big tub. I'll post more pics later after I've got 'em all planted up. :)

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