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Friday, April 11, 2014

Bloom Where You're Planted...Finished the Sketch Today

So this is what I've accomplished in the past 2 weeks since I posted the photo of my partial sketch. I have to say, I was definitely motivated by all your encouragement to continue working on it in whatever pockets of time I could find (15 minutes here...30 minutes there...). So thanks again! The next steps to finishing the art piece, now that it's been scanned, are for me to move and re-size portions of the drawing digitally until I have the layout exactly where I want it (this is where it helps to be a graphic designer). Then I will print it out, VERY carefully trace over it with a fine art ink pen, then re-scan it again and digitally color it so I can offer it in different color combinations. After all that, VoilĂ ! It will be done...hopefully before the end of the summer. :)

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