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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Idea File: What to do with a beat up antique frame

Remember that antique frame I picked up at an estate sale back in March for just $2.75? Do you think I had any idea what I wanted to do with it when I bought it? Ha! But none of that matters, if you follow the mantra, "Buy what you love!" This does require some genuine soul-searching (which is a finely tuned skill that must be honed down to take mere seconds in some cases, if you want to snag that bargain before someone else swipes it out from under your nose). Especially if you are running out of closet space and can't afford to rent a storage unit for all your "treasures"...ahem. But, like love, when you know, you know.

Two months later (a pretty good record for me!), I figured out what to do with my "find"and created a 3-D vignette with the frame on top of my fireplace, using an antique silver cake stand (a previous flea market find), a hand-painted clay vase (from the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan), some flowers (yes, artificial, but they can always be switched out for fresh) and two modern glass votive holders (Crate & Barrel). SO much, more interesting than just plopping a painting inside it and banging a nail into the wall for it to hang on. What's great about this idea is that it's easily interchangeable for the seasons. Also - because I've been in the habit of buying things I love for years, when the mood struck me to redecorate my living room, I didn't spend a dime!!!

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