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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Oh Estate Sales, How I Love Thee

As I was walking through the historic Davenport home today, salivating at all the wonderful stuff at rock bottom prices, I couldn't help thinking, "Why haven't I done this before?" If I'd bought this stash at an antique store, it would have cost me probably 10 times what I paid, or more. As it happened, I only paid $24 for the whole lot. Yes, you read that right. Here's the breakdown:
- Stuffed Easy Chair: $7.50
- Antique Frame: $ 2.75
- Original Oil Painting: $12.75
- 2 Silk Scarves: $1.00

I still can't believe my luck. Of course, the chair will need to recovered, but it's comfy and sturdy and for $7.50, who cares?

I managed to suppress the little twinges of guilt that kept popping up, trying to suppress my joy at finding such fantastic bargains, because...well...for the family holding the estate sale, it is usually a painful process. Estate sales generally happen because someone has died, or there has been a divorce, a home was foreclosed or debt needs to be paid off. Parting with all those memories is understandably a very difficult thing to do. But, I hope that the family in this case, finds some comfort in knowing that their long-loved belongings are going to new homes where they will continue to be loved as they absorb new memories of their own.


Tenneil said...

OK...we need to make a deal...we have got to text each other when we see a good estate sale in town!!!

Of course, the sale finder gets first dibs:)

L-O-ve the frame!!!

© Shalom Schultz said...

Sounds like a plan!