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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

10 Easy 4th of July DIY Decorating Projects

Here are 10 of my favorite Easy 4th of July Decorating Projects. Whether you're 'crafty' or not, there's something here that everyone can do with just a little time (or hardly any). Happy Independence Day week everyone!!  
 1) With a little paint and a little tape, and possibly a stencil for the stars, you can turn every-day mason jars into wow-worthy and reusable vases for your 4th of July party.

2) Simpy tie American Flag-printed bandanas together for instant festive bunting!

 3) Making these lawn stars involves just cardboard or posterboard and some flour. A great project to get the kids involved!

 4) Just write your favorite patriotic saying on a chalkboard and surround it with a few pieces of red-white-and-blue decor.

5) Use colored sand to create festive 4th of July votives. A great project for older kids.

 6) Even if you don't have a big American Flag to hang up, you can still get in the Independence Day spirit by adding some red-white-and-blue throw pillows into your exisiting decor.

 7) I love this ridiculously simple decorating idea! Works for inside OR outside. I think the mini flags are only about $1 each.

8)  Cut triangles out of red-white-and-blue fabric or bandanas. Fold the top edges over and secure with safety pins or sew. Run a length of yarn through them and you've got a super-cute banner!

9) Sew some red-white-and-blue bandanas together for a festive tablecloth.

10) This ribbon wand could be a safe alternative to sparklers or just a way for the kids to have fun and show their patriotic spirit while waiting for it to get dark outside.

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