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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Among the Flowers in the Breeze

It is "high summer" and for the past several weeks, I've been a little distracted when driving by billowing patches of Queen Anne's Lace flowers that have cropped up on roadsides all over town. I love the way they just seem to float above the ground.

A few nights ago, when perusing a new bridal magazine for invitation design ideas, I came across this photo and something clicked.

So, today, I decided to brave the 90 degree heat and humidity to wander about with my camera and get some inspirational shots. I wasn't aiming for amazing photos, but rather those that I could take back home and use as the seeds for a new piece of art. Unfortunately, Queen Anne's Lace only seems to grow by the side of the busiest roads, so I had to endure being a bit of a spectacle as I knelt in the grass in varying awkward positions to get the job done (one car honked!).

(mockup of the idea board in my brain)
Even with my not-so-cutting edge digital camera, I was able to get some fairly detailed photos (despite the fact that the breeze kept blowing the darned things all over the place), so I am pleased. I'm envisioning silhouettes of white flowers on green (for Spring and Summer!) and chocolate (for Autumn) backgrounds. Now the real work begins...

Just another day in the life of this designer.

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