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Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Fresh Start

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There is something therapeutic about finally "putting Christmas away" (yes, I'm just NOW getting to it - 2 days before March). Seeing those bits of colored dust-collectors disappear one-by-one as I pull them off the tree and wrap them in tissue before they go into the box. Sometimes it amazes me that roughly 24 cubic feet of my home (not including the tree!) is dedicated to space for shiny things that only come out once a year.

Now, I'm no Scrooge - I love to get caught up in the annual festivities just like everyone else. For gosh sakes I start listening to Christmas music in July! But when I think that energy devoted to honoring this yearly celebration adds up to about 25% of a whole year (if you start getting ready in November and wind down with cleanup in January...or later in my case), I'm left scratching my head...and exhausted.

So, as much as I loved making my house sparkle with holiday spirit, I'm also enjoying peeling away the shiny layers to find the true "heart" of my home. A place to feel safe, relaxed and loved. A haven from the stress of daily life.

And I'm making a silent vow to carry that spirit with me all year long - even into next holiday season. Wish me luck!

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