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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ode To The Purple Coneflower

Come into the garden for a moment and enjoy the complex, yet simple beauty of a beloved heirloom flower. Lose yourself in the majestic, towering stems, the satin-soft petals and the geometrically fascinating seed heads. Appreciate for just a moment something beyond the scope of your normal day and when you leave, take with you a renewed desire to slow down and enjoy every little moment.

I am somewhat obsessed with this flower and have been both drawing it and painting it in different ways for many years. This is my first representation of it in a digital artform. I also grow the flower at home, in my garden and look forward to it's return every year, as it produces somewhat of an explosion of blossoms that last for months with little care required. I love the vibrant petal colors, which range from hot pink to pale lavender, the intricite ways they curve and curl around one another, and have always imagined the flowers coming alive as dancing ballerinas in the night. With this art piece, I hoped to catch a snapshot of midsummer favorite in a modern, yet timeles way.

1 comment:

susan said...

beautiful! my favorite flower!